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7 thoughts on “Selkie

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    Awesome! I grew up on selkie stories so I love them. I used to look at seals eyes when I was wee and wonder which ones could turn human. Ha ha! The composition of your drawing is lovely and, as always, I love your mark making.

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  2. writingbolt says:

    I recall a selkie in one of my childhood pick-a-path books. I remember gazing at the “beautiful woman” that emerged from the skin many times. [I can’t recall if I thought she was very pretty or an old woman.]

    This piece lacks your usual variety of or attention to contours. But, the general shapes make a nice composition. I can see a collection of tarot-ish cards forming.

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    • PMu says:

      Traditionally the selfie is a beautiful woman who having stepped outside of her skin, enchants a fisherman. He then steals the skin and forces her t marry him. She then gives birth tho a child with eyes like the sea and years later tricks him into telling her where her skin is hidden. She then returns to the sea leaving her human family behind


      • writingbolt says:

        The SELFIE? 😛 hehe

        Yes, I know what a selkie can do. 🙂 Similar to the siren, water nymphs, yuki-onna and whatever that yokai is called that looks like a woman washing her hair or tending a baby by the beach before she reveals her snake-like figure and ensnares/slays the passerby.

        Actually, the whole stealing the skin bit is similar to the kappa losing the water in its cap and then having it refilled by the nice person who becomes its master. [Or, Dobbie getting a piece of clothing in the Harry Potter books/movies.]

        The bakeneko, kitsune and yuki-onna make similar ultimatums about marriage, warning their spouses to keep their secret lest they turn back into their other form and escape or do them harm.


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