2016 – Work In Progress

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Normally I would wait for a picture to be finished before sharing it, but I wanted to share this on before I started to draw into it.  Thanks very much to my friend Paul for spell checking and giving font advice 🙂

This was inspired by my friend Una who taught me that values are important because when everything else goes to shit, values are the things that you hold true.  They act as a compass and line in the sand.


5 thoughts on “2016 – Work In Progress

  1. Alexander says:

    I enjoyed this. I think equality is a tough subject. I try to live believing in equality. But I find it difficult sometimes, constantly barraged by the media, world events and personal bad experiences make it difficult for me not to judge individuals based on some categories (race, sex, age, political view, body size etc). I would like to say I am perfect in my treatment of others, but I cannot help some bias seeping into my consciousness, but I think the main thing is to be aware of our perception of others and then control our actions.

    Talking of perfection, I had the view that perfection for humans is actually in imperfection; by that I mean in our individuality. We are not meant to be perfect, we are all meant to be unique with a combination of individual characteristics; some good and some bad, which can allow each of us to express something unique in our lives.

    How do equality and uniqueness interact? Everyone should be given a fair chance, but then opportunities should be based on merit / effort etc. ?

    On the subject of equality, over the last year and even more in the last week I have been a little saddened when looking to twitter or online articles about the number of posts about LGBT, Gay, Racial Minorities that talk exclusively about supporting them; a lot of the posts have an undertone that white men are to blame. Yes – maybe I am being too sensitive, but in my 37 years in the UK and abroad / Europe and Asia I have hardly ever seen discrimination on any of those things, yet I seem to get bombarded with a message online that my own particular race and sex is doing something bad. I prefer to support the cause that focus on Equality for all, and then look to the depth of individuals unique character beyond race, sex, religion etc.

    Apologies for the long ramble !

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    • PMu says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I think you raise some interesting points. The only thing I would say is that I think if you are outside of a community looking in, you are likely to see/experience discrimination in a very different way. Not all white straight men will discriminate, but they are also unlikely to experience discrimination based on lines of gender, race or sexuality. I suppose what I was reflecting on was that to take the first true step towards equality we have to suspend judgement and start asking open questions. I see discrimination as something that often occurs in people’s blind spots. It is a symptom of the gap between how things are, and how they could be. The only way to close that gap is to understand better. And for those of us who are witnesses to discrimination, and not participants, then this is even more important.

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      • Alexander says:

        That’s true, I would like to add, one thought more, as you said understand better and then maybe also carefully consider the right action. I remember in my first job in 2000; just when diversity was becoming a big topic at corporates, we had our annual division meeting (around 100 people). It was on IT department so around 80 percent men at the time. Our director stood up and said if no girls make the grade for promotion that year then no men will be promoted either. I’ve never forgotten that; one of my first work experiences around career life. I think in that case the right action should have been to understand why are there only 20 percent girls on IT. If more want opportunities in IT how can we get more in rather than hold other hard workers back. It’s an isolated example and as you said I am sure I have been blind to discrimination against others; which I know can really hurt and frustrate.

        I often wonder about beauty, it’s proven that beautiful people earn more and are more successful in job applications. Particularly in certain industries. How is beauty not discrimination, but gender or race are?

        Sorry for raising so many points! I’ll stop now haha

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      • PMu says:

        No need to apologise, it sounds like equality as a topic sparks thoughts, and that’s great! I also think it’s really interesting that an experience of discrimination which had an adverse affect on yourself or people very much like you (I am assuming here) landed in such a way that it is still vivid today. It also sounds like it gave you a real insight into how it feels to be within a paradigm or system which is stacked against you.

        I agree that we often forget some of the more universal types of discrimination (such as beauty). Re reading this I realised that I had also missed ability as somewhere were greater understanding is needed.

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