Scan 3


7 thoughts on “Peacocking

      • writingbolt says:

        I’m not really sure I even thought about the shoulders. I think it’s the general posture of the figure. I’d guess you were trying to draw her leaping out of the water while diving right back in, like a dolphin or trout might do. But, the lower body is at a painfully different angle from the upper.

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      • PMu says:

        I was actually trying to off set the shapes in the back ground. It was inspired by bird mating dances and the strange shapes they make and hold. Also thank you so much for all the feedback you have been leaving me on lots of different images. I schedule my posts a few months ahead so you might not notice an immediate improvement, but it is really helping me take a more thoughtful approach


      • writingbolt says:

        Glad to be of assistance if I can. But, as you say, your work doesn’t have to be “fit for professional publication” to be worth showing and getting feedback. You saying that has given me a small jolt of interest in drawing more. Yet, I am not likely to display much of my hand-drawn work online. 🙂 At least, not the doodles.

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