Lumpkin in the tall grass

Scan 4

Poem inspired by this doodle

Lumpkin’s Day by Bryan Ens

Lumpkin scratches whines and begs
while sitting by the door
there’s flowers, trees and bugs outside
oh so much to explore!

and when he fin’ly gets his wish
he races to and fro
with so much world for him to see
where should that poor pup go?

he chases dragonflies and then
digs for a bit in mud
and then he romps and wrestles
with another puppy bud

too soon the sun bids day adieu
the pup heads back indoor
there’s still so much to see and do
tomorrow there’ll be more!

and soon he’ll need to go to bed
another time of joy
for though he may not get to run
he’ll snuggle with his boy…
…but only after a bath, of course!

Really touched to have inspired such a lovely poem.  To read more join the Quest for Whirled Peas


7 thoughts on “Lumpkin in the tall grass

    • PMu says:

      I would love that, I would also love to read it. I would also request that should you make any money as a result that you make a small donation to The Clock Tower Sanctuary. Otherwise go ahead, post it wherever you like


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