5 thoughts on “Spores

  1. Elan says:

    I really enjoy all your doodles everyday, I always wanted to ask where do you find inspiration for each day?, I always seem to run out of things i want to draw or become really indecisive what to choose.

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    • PMu says:

      Hi Elan thanks for sharing. I’m really glad you enjoy. Most of the time I just start with a shape and go from there but if I get stuck I will go looking for references. This could be fairytales, animals or mythology depending on my mood, but some times it can even just be a turn of phrase. I see the practice of doodling as a mindfulness practice, so in the end, I trust that if I just pause, still my mind and try not to push to hard something will come to me. Because I see drawing as a practice rather than a means to an end, it takes the pressure off to produce something amazing and means that I can just enjoy the process.

      And if I really get stuck I look at old sketches and try and do a better version of that. Hope that helps.

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