Sky Betta

Scan 25.jpeg

6 thoughts on “Sky Betta

  1. writingbolt says:

    Cool picture/concept. But, your choice of hatching kinda takes away from the clouds and aquatic nature of the fish. I’d either make every part of this swirly like clouds (so the fish appears like a cloud shape) or scale the fish and swirl the clouds (so the fish appears like an embodiment of the wind…like a wind sock for a certain boys festival).

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  2. Kat Mullen says:

    I love the simple ones you do like this, I feel like the statement they make is loud. All of your work is amazing, but I’m particularly fond of these. I really wish you would set up an Etsy store! I think you would would do amazing on there, everybody brings something different to the table and I’ve seen no other artists with your distinctive style. Something to think about 😉

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  3. Kat Mullen says:

    Gah! I spoke to soon, I just found your Etsy page!! Whoohoo! Congratz 😊 I would advise that you should probably take your portrait angled pieces on a portrait setting in your camera or phone, otherwise it’s cutting off your boxes. The boxes around your work add kind of a nouveau look with your modern aesthetic, and it’s absolutely lovely. Ok I’m done! Lol, keep up your awesome work.

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