Murton Pike


4 thoughts on “Murton Pike

  1. Brian Balke says:

    I am completely flummoxed by the decision-making process. In part it’s the incidentals of the interior lines – occlusion by receding perspective is an example. But the near disappearance of the smaller buildings roof into the hillside raises another question. Is it like coloring the map of US states with three colors so that no two states with the same color share a border, or do you do the outer edges and figure out how to orient the interior lines using an aesthetic?

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  2. PMu says:

    To be honest it’s a little of column a and a little of column b. Sometimes I have it all mapped out in my head, particularly if it’s a doodle with a lot of geometric design. The main aim is to be able to differentiate the shapes within the image so that it’s easy enough for the eye to travel over the image. Some of my earlier doodles were less separate and it became too much like an optical illusion to be enjoyable to look at.


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