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18 thoughts on “Four

    • writingbolt says:

      Is there a requirement for every person who sees this to click the LIKE button? Or, is it just a family and coworker affair?

      I was wondering how she’s pumping out so many in a day, myself. Must be backlogged from some quiet time–or that retreat she just mentioned–when she had more time to draw more than one a day. Now, I wonder where all the drawings go when they’re done. There must be quite the catalog by now.

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      • PMu says:

        It’s true, I bribe people to like me. Joking aside thank you for the likes and comments. I do spend a fair amount of time drawing as I use it as a daily mindfulness practice, so that’s how I keep going. The trick is I always finish a drawing I start, even if I don’t think it’s the best, it’s still a chance to practice


      • writingbolt says:

        Well, what can you bribe me with to like you more than I already do? 🙂

        I don’t do LIKEs, FYI. I figured their linked to other sites and such, stemming from FBook (which I don’t care for). And, I feel people abuse them like these digital “stickers” and emotes being tossed around. So…

        Well, aren’t you lucky to have that daily self-therapy session every day.

        I haven’t sat down and drawn something entirely in so long. At most, I am used to doodling with a black office pen on scrap paper. When I do any serious drawings, lately, they’ve been bigger pieces which I rarely if ever complete in a day.

        Usually, I can spend about 4-7 days on a big piece, from sketching to inking, spending up to 4 hours a day on whatever stage I am on. Sometimes I do considerable thinking between stages and may have to redraw some or all of a piece.

        It took me almost two months to complete a poster for my brother. I spent about a month plotting out what I wanted to include and then the second month nervously going about making final decisions.

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      • PMu says:

        … a picture? I have quite a few.
        I used to do a lot of painting but I would never finish anything hence having the self enforced discipline. It definitely is therapy, but only cost the price of pen and paper so much more sustainable.


      • writingbolt says:

        Yes, I suspect you have enough to wallpaper a house or create a few living sculptures like that raven-haired woman in R.O.D. [Read or Die]

        And, yea, I bet drawing is less costly and messy than painting. With painting, you have the added duty of cleaning your tools and maintaining paints, depending upon what sort you use. Mixing colors can be a challenge, as can brush strokes. Heck, as much as I’d like to paint like Bob Ross, I figure I will start with some sort of abstracts and work my way up through simpler imagery. But, one day, I really need to whip up some happy trees.

        It would be nice to be able to draw at least one decent picture each day. But, such a schedule kinda takes my breath away. It can’t be a requirement. Unless, someday, I could draw during an hour set aside for meditation and relaxation. It’s just hard to imagine such a lifestyle right now… sigh.

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      • Brian Balke says:

        You should be aware that I’m getting encouragement from the artists on the Santa Barbara Art Walk. I drop by every Sunday after eating lunch, and they’ve taken to telling me that they want my opinion because I “know what I’m looking at.” My friend Lyne showed me this wooden plate collage piece this weekend, and I had to tell her “Gee, Lyne, this is perfect.” She was a little disappointed until I turned it 90 degrees and announced “Oh, this is the way it’s supposed to be!”

        So it’s actually hard for me to JUST “like” something. Analysis is becoming a compulsion.

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  1. writingbolt says:

    And, these are four elements?…though it’s hard to know if these are fire, water, wind and earth or fire, water, wind and plants/wood. I suppose the gal in the lower right corner is dressed like a mountain?

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