Jujube – Drag Race Fan Art 02

Scan 16


13 thoughts on “Jujube – Drag Race Fan Art 02

      • micketalbot says:

        Your work is that good, but relative easy to copy, see where I’m coming from. I’ll make one suggestion; one line in a look alike medium, un|detectable to the naked eye. However records should made for each doodle, and obviously kept safe, and keep doodling!

        PS There are many ways you could add a secret, and it could be different for every doodle. Really just airing my thoughts based on the experience of having one of my works copied, a postcard, its a long story, but was settled out of court.

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      • PMu says:

        Ah I see. Thank you for sharing the advice. I only sell the originals, not the prints so haven’t had to worry too much about copies being made. I also keep records of everything. I don’t mind people drawing in this style, in fact O would encourage it as long as no one pretends to be me. However I do like the idea of introducing a secret as it might add a little interest

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      • micketalbot says:

        If copies are being made by other people then sold, (of your work), then you should be getting royalties. Things can get really out of hand. As in agents and so on. Anyway I’ve said my bit; give us a heads up when, and if you do start adding a secret.

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