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18 thoughts on “Swirl

  1. Brian Balke says:

    Is this recent? I find it to be stunning. The addition of cross-hatching adds depth while still preserving the subtle slide into abstract geometry. The region around the lips seems particularly inspired to me.

    Which order do they go in? Lines first, or shading?

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    • PMu says:

      Thanks very much, this is another image that I started years ago when I was at university and then abandoned.

      I came back to it a few weeks ago, and it was really only the shading in biro so added all the lines in after. My dad taught me to start sketching using shadows first and then build line work in over the top so have always don’t it that way round. Might go in right at the end and add a bit more contrast but I have found that’s how I get the best results.


    • PMu says:

      Thanks very much. I use mostly fine liners, more details here: https://pmuink.com/2017/04/02/tools-of-the-trade/
      I use a variety of paper though, partly because I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to sketchbooks and packs of paper so have just accumulated an awful lot of it over the years. I think this was some old natural colour sugar paper I had shoved into a shelf somewhere. It’s the kind you can pick up really cheap in craft stores but holds a variety of materials fairly well, although you will want to use quick dry inks or biros on it to reduce bleeding.

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