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20 thoughts on “Watermelon

  1. jeanniezelos says:

    This is fun and colourful. I did a quick watercolour of a watermelon ( appropriate medium huh?) years ago when i first started painting, I’d forgotten til I saw this
    I am a doodler, if I’m on phone or something and a pen/pencil is in my hand the doodles start coming…I used to get board rubber thrown at me often at school for not paying attention, having got caught up in a doodle. My school books had shapes and tiny pics all along the margins and over the covers.
    You’re so right about “ART DOESN’T HAVE TO BE WORTHY TO BE WORTH SHARING.” Art is different things to different people. for me its fun, I love to look at others work, not just the polished perfect end results but the journey and also the failures. there’s a lot to learn from a fail, and that’s why I share them too on my blog.

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    • PMu says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I used to doodle in school all the time. I remember once in science one of my teachers tried to catch me out thinking I wasn’t paying attention because I was doodling at the back of the class but when I answered correctly he was very cool about it and let me carry on. When I got my next test back he had doodled a picture next to my grade, never slacked off in that class, and still remember a lot of it because he met me in my brain space. Very cool guy.
      Will definitely check out your blog x

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