Mark making

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7 thoughts on “Mark making

  1. My Small Surrenders says:

    I need to practice mark making. It makes me jealous when I see others who are able to work loosely with art materials.
    I’m not good at working loosely with art materials. I tend to work hard to be neat all the time. I even bought the book ‘Wreck This Journal’ to help me loosen up and even with that my messiness is still neat.
    I want to get into pattern-making where making marks can really work to make things unique. I’m not sure when this is going to click for me, but I clearly have a lot of practice ahead of me…

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    • PMu says:

      I think I suffer from the same affliction, although I have recently started playing with watercolours which I have found to be a great antidote. It’s one of the reasons I like cross-stich because it’s so neat.

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      • My Small Surrenders says:

        I’ve started working with watercolours too, but I’m still doing everything by-the-book. I bought a watercolour instruction book that I’ve been reading through to learn the different techniques of using the paints and about colour mixing.
        Last week I finally decided to just paint to see what I’ve learned so far and that’s probably the most fun I’ve had with them. The only thing is that I was focused on painting specific shapes rather than just painting loosely, which I may do the next time I sit down with my paint.
        Thanks for pointing me in that direction 🙂

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