Art Club – Jelly Cat

scan 10


8 thoughts on “Art Club – Jelly Cat

  1. miKe says:

    that’s cool. Is that chalk? (or pastels or what ever the real artists call it) I tried drawing with a black chalk pencil and made huge mess for the next two days, it was everywhere. I had to put the pencil in a zip-lock bag. I just bought some white jell pens for my tan paper because ruining a perfectly good drawing by knowing when to stop is my thing. I live on the edge…

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    • PMu says:

      It’s a dangerous place to be, all those pens, so much paper and a narrow line between masterpiece and master piece of … I know the feeling well. It’s just coloured pencils on black paper, nothing fancy. I might have even used some wax crayons because you can take the child out of nursery school, but you can’t make them behave like a grown up

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