#DoodleBingo – A Game for the New Year

Happy new year folks!  May the first person to your door have dark hair and carry salt (it’s a weird superstition but true, read about first footing here).

Every New Year, my social circle is ringing with conversation about giving things up.  No more chocolate, no more booze, no more crisps (that one is the hardest for me to fathom).  Most New Year’s resolutions are focused around doing something to promote body health, which is grand and all, but what about resolutions for those of us who are okay with our slovenly ways?  Who just want to eat chocolate in a dark room, only emerging for glasses of wine and the occasional dog walk?  Who are just trying to accept the way we are?

Well to those of you who share my vision I would like to offer up doodling as the new years resolution for you.  Drawing can be great for your mental health and like anything gets easier with practice.

So if you want to start w positive drawing habit but don’t know where to begin, I have created Doodle Bingo.  Whether it’s once a week or every day, just spell your name by completing the prompt and then post it linking back to this blog or with #DoodleBingo on social media.  The important thing is whatever your schedule is, make sure you stick to it (even if you can only do stick figures).


Good luck and happy doodling!