We Made a Book!

So a couple of times I have mentioned my friend Paul Macauley who encouraged me to start sharing my doodles online.  Well now his hens have come home to roost and we have made a book together!

Please check out our Kickstarter to support us and get your copy.


Space Inside

scan 9

Have you ever felt trapped in a Sunday? Ever caught your pocket on a door handle? Ever regarded the buttons on someone’s coat as edible? Ever thought the sun a lozenge? Felt that roundabouts are the last colonised spaces in the world?

Bumble and Nitsy have, and their boundless awareness and imagination have made them the most renowned Detectors in the world.

‘The Case of the Thinking Man’s Trumpet’. Please check out our Kickstarter to support and to get a copy: http://kck.st/2s6l7rD