Dear Mr. Trump

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12 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Trump

  1. alohapromisesforever says:

    I certainly support your right to your own political perspective. That being said, were I to do that sort of thing and symbolically flip off a liberal president who perhaps overreached and did several unconstitutional things, would you think that was in good taste? Or, would you have preferred that maybe I spoke to my points and set out what I disagree with and why? Taking my soapbox with me. But, am hoping you might consider what I’m saying here. You’re within your right. I’m just growing weary of all of this. The man is the president. He was duly elected. He responds well to input and criticism, I know that. Why? Because I wrote him a letter on an issue and he or his staff, I would speculate his staff responded under his signature and took notice of the points that I had made. Might that be more effective for you as well? I strongly encourage you to do so.

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    • PMu says:

      Hi Thanks for taking the time to engage and comment. I’m really glad you did even though I think we might be coming from different places. It’s clear you spent time composing your comment which I can respect as you are obviously engaging ‘deeply in real life too’. I can also appreciate that you are weary of what can be a combative topic on a flippant platform (the internet).

      Where I was coming from is that he isn’t my president. I don’t live in America and even if I did I wouldn’t have the right to vote so there really isn’t a huge amount I can do to engage at length in the same way I would with the politicians I can. While it has been a few months I drew this last June. Trump chose to engage with a topic which he clearly had spent little time understanding that happened in a country with which he has little experience.

      If it seems flippant then I stand by that, because it was, deliberately so.

      Like I said, I hope this comment doesn’t seem dismissive, because I am really glad you did take the time to reach out. I also fully accept (and in a weird way am pleased that) not everyone is going to agree on everything. Even if we agree ideologically then we wont approach things the same way. And hey, the internet is a diverse place, you can flip off whoever you like, it makes no difference to me.

      At the end of the day, this blog might not seem significant to you, but it is the space where I share the little things that mean a lot to me. It’s my corner of the internet where I can share and process what I think of the world. What might be flippant to one person is significant to another. I’m not saying it’s a satirical masterpiece, far from it. It’s crass, it’s rushed, poorly composed and technically (sentiment aside) it’s alright at best. But it is absolutely how I feel and I will not apologise for it.

      Also I just flat out don’t think he is a man who is open to criticism. He doesn’t apologise when he puts out information that is just incorrect (let alone deeply problematic) and I believe that he threatens or fires anyone who tries to hold him to account.

      Thanks again for taking time to comment.

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    • Lilith says:

      As an American I’d like to thank PMu caring enough to recognize how vitriolic our figurehead is. Don’t kid yourself, neither Trump or the three or four people he has yet to fire are open to any form of a constructive argument.

      As for the drawing, I echo that sentiment and envy your citizenship status.

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  2. dunelight says:

    I’m American. I’m multiple morbidity handicapped. His attitude towards me as an expendable human being is quite clear. Your drawing was perfect.

    The man is a con artist…a jerk. Look at the history of how he treats others…all his life..look at how he is using his office to fleece “We, the People” and grow the Trump name. He’s a real work. Your drawing was perfect. You cannot possibly insult the office of the Presidency for he insults it as he is deconstructing it’s respect and power world wide.

    I, like many Americans, shake my head over the stubbornness of a very small group, a minority, of Americans, who are rabidly supportive of him….they love him going after their scape goats, they actually think he’s doing something good. What he is doing is deconstructing our Democracy. He has no respect for the office, for the White House, for our Constitution or the rule of law. He’s going to get us all killed with his..ah..’diplomacy’.

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  3. Von Smith says:

    Guernica was the last time art and politics worked for me. Invitation to trolls, not so much. I might check again, but too much politics ruins my taste for any artist.


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