12 thoughts on “Victory

  1. writingbolt says:

    She’s not sad but solemn after surviving the climb to the summit and being short of breath. She will smile in a moment as the light of righteousness warms her cheeks.

    Why does it look like she’s holding up a menorah? And, what is the shape behind the skirt that looks like a half-eaten cookie? A broken shield?

    She looks like a blend of the boy from Where the Wild Things Are (with his fuzzy pajama suit and crown) and some Amazon warrior maiden, or maybe Zealot from Jim Lee’s WildCATS (just from the arm and leg dΓ©cor).

    This piece reaches out to my strong interest in heroic and strong women. Like a more down-to-earth She-Ra who still wears rags but finds superhuman strength with an enchanted sword.

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