18 thoughts on “Creation

  1. writingbolt says:

    Mind-bending. She makes a perfect page/image for one of the pick-a-path books I used to read regularly. [I managed to snag a few used copies some years ago…which reminds me I need to post about that.] A lil daring with the nudity.

    Three years after sketching her. Where did you keep her all that time and not ink her? [I say this knowing I have a few rough posters penciled in storage that I told myself I’d get back to inking one day.]

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      • writingbolt says:

        What sort of problem?

        I think you are most fortunate to have those sketchbooks. I would fill one and then find reason to get upset and not hang onto it, typically because family I did not trust/respect enough would violate my “sanctuary” and push me to abandon old work. THAT is MY problem which I can’t seem to shake like those mad artists who cut off ears and such. Maybe it’s an artist quirk.

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