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5 thoughts on “Headband

  1. Brian Balke says:

    Hey, Ms. PMu, I’m noticing the variety of styles in your recent posts. Are they all contemporaneous? Are you conscious of adopting different moods or perspectives with each style? Or is it just that you sit down and think “I haven’t used my fine line marker recently. Let’s do four drawings with it today!”

    For they do have different moods. The fine ink drawings have psychological weight and authority; the cartoons are satirical; the mandalas are inscrutable.

    My pattern prediction algorithm may be working on insufficient data, but the correlation caused me to wonder. I would like to be able to fit my work to my mood. Maybe when I retire to the old folk’s home…

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    • PMu says:

      Hi Brian, yeah it’s pretty much, what do I feel like drawing today. I do also often have a guilty pile of half finished sketches, so if I’m really stuck I dig into that and pull something out that’s different to whatever I last did. I find that way, even when producing a doodle every day I don’t get too bored.


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