Daughter of Music


Originally posted on Empire of Arogencia

7 thoughts on “Daughter of Music

      • writingbolt says:

        I’m having a lil bit of a hard time digesting all of the explanation, whether it’s fiction or partial legend/history, for some reason. I get to the part about the girl being ditched in the woods, found by a knight who kills the lion nursing the child? No mention of whether he killed her in self-defense or if the lioness allowed herself to be slain by a worthy replacement “parent.” And, then the girl, raised as a demi-goddess of war? wears the skin of her “den mother?” Egad! Hi, I killed your mother, wear her skin with pride as you become a soldier under my leadership.

        That’s…just a bit sickening to ponder. Other heroic tales would say the girl slays the lion to prove her ferocity and bravery before taking on a typically male role as a warrior maiden or deity of whatever nature she happens to carry in her genes.

        Personally, if I was the girl, I’d likely slay the knight who killed my mother lion and made me wear her as a pelt/armor. Or, wear the lion as armor as I slay the knight who killed her.

        Is this your character in that world? Versus the knight “Sully” portrays?

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