11 thoughts on “Logic

  1. Emphorium says:

    The subconscious contains a desire which is spreading to the conscious self. This is a desire for reasoning, explanation and for order. But how is the universe always ahead of reasoning?.

    The few, the logical few, perhaps, for them it’s true. However if the universe is cooling to entropy, an expression of disorder, it is headed for disorder.

    Nevertheless the poem tells me that the universe ultimately, has hold of the answer to purpose. The problem is, as understanding advances, the cosmos reveals a little more of itself and therefore the purpose of existence. This may be the final deception of humanity.

    Thanks for the prod to think about this. The poem is stimulating. Thank you . Regards Chris T.

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  2. Brian Balke says:

    I don’t agree with Herbert. The unconscious seeks survival, and the known is the set of experiences (positive and negative) that we have survived. Logic is a means of extending the realm of the known through categorization of phenomena, but that is an activity of the conscious mind. It does allow us to self-soothe when confronted with the new. The conscious mind says to the unconscious “Oh, well, we’ve been here before.”

    The true answer to the anxiety of the unconscious is exposing it to a known that transcends material experience – the being held by a presence of love that reveals purpose in our existence, and catches us when we lose the thread of life, preserving our consciousNESS – the sum of conscious and unconscious – even after our body is not longer of service to us.

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    • PMu says:

      Interesting, and I would add that since Herbert wrote this there has been an expansion in understanding how conscious works which has lead to a strong school of thinking that we have even less control over our ‘conscious’ minds than previously believed. In truth, no single sentence is going to be able to capture the complexity of the human existence. But like a prayer, this still resonates for me despite it’s broad generalisation.

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