15 thoughts on “Hera

  1. sunilmdabral says:

    I love the way you give forms to emotions. Though I was a bad student at arts and never liked it, Overtime I have come to not only understanding it but appreciating it .
    Though I am still a novice in this form.

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  2. writingbolt says:

    This is some form of Hera, the Greek goddess? The central face looks a lot like Lady Gaga. 😀 I dunno how creative-minded Hera was…when she wasn’t raging about her brother-husband’s affairs and stuffing her face, like an emotional eater, to make children asexually. At least, that’s what I’ve read.

    Cool piece, though. The omnipresent eyes. The royal status and peacock-like details.

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      • writingbolt says:

        What don’t/didn’t you like about the piece, or working on the piece?

        It’s cathartic to finish artwork we don’t like in the process. But, I think I’d do just as well throwing paint in a fit or pounding clay. 😛

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      • writingbolt says:

        How, if I may ask, are you composing these sort of tapestry pieces, blurring photos and watercolors? I see you’ve made quite a departure from your meditative linear/hatching pieces, now getting into washy colors and even fabric art.

        Or, maybe, you just fell out of interest in the piece halfway through. It may have been like one of my story seeds that didn’t take fuller root at the start. You’ll likely go back to that piece, later, and either remake it or add to it. I have at least one multi-frame project in mind that is similar. I wasn’t entirely happy with what came of it…but I have an itch to go back and remake it better. Then again, my inkling(s) may be different because I see that project with potential to take other forms, as well. But, I do have some pieces I finished and didn’t like enough to even advertise/show them much. Add it to that drawer of yours. 🙂 Look back on it, some day.


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