X-Stitch – The Same Wilderness

Scan 3

4 thoughts on “X-Stitch – The Same Wilderness

  1. Emphorium says:

    Nice. A possible alternative with an eye to a present day 21st Century interpretation might read:- All Humankind when standing erect are piercing the Infinity of the Cosmos as equals.

    What are you doing over this weekend? Get this stitched.

    Regards Chris T.

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  2. writingbolt says:

    That’s sexist. Yea, like Emphorium said. 😛 It should read “humans” or “humankind,” instead of men. I am not sure women would want to be lumped together, but I could be wrong, especially in this present stage of feminism and all that.

    But, maybe at their core, all men DO have some common drive/vibe. And, that just comes with the chemicals/hormones. Yet, I know I don’t talk about life or women the way other guys I have known do.

    We all, men and women, share that wilderness. We just don’t always see each other for the fawns, centaurs, unicorns, bulls and such that we are.

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