6 thoughts on “Bird

  1. T. Bates | arc5ange1 says:

    Hey! Hi so I have a blog too and don’t know what I’m doing (like basically with anythung =) ) but here, I’ve noticed you get a lot of “likes” (if those things in the stars represent likes.

    May I ask if you’re using good keywords, or of you link to other sites, or just your strategy for how you get a decent amount of likes like that?

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    • PMu says:

      Hi thanks for reaching out. There are a few different things I have done over time to build up the likes (little star thingies). The main thing is make sure you set an uploading schedule that you stick to that’s fairly regular. The next thing is take an interest in what is out there already and try and break sown what is and isn’t working. The last thing is to create content that you enjoy looking at and creating. That way even if no one else is taking an interest at least one person is enjoying it. I talk about it a bit more here (although not so directly) and would be happy to write a blog post in a bit more detail if that is something you would find interesting?

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      • T. Bates | arc5ange1 says:

        Oh and I’m doing something right now but basically I don’t work until tomorrow, and I got some hours where if I can sit still for long enough I’m going to do a good post. I’m going to kinda copy a template of yours if that’s ok? And by that I mean look at someone who’s better/more experienced than me, and see what and how they do theirs.

        It’s basically a compliment. I’ll shoot u a message when it’s done k?

        Hey BTW do you have an android or an iPhone? I mean, I guess by pure statistics I know that answer already , unless you’re like the 4% with a Windows phone =) . What I’m trying to ask is if you have the WordPress app? Yo… that makes it so easy to communicate and post, and is actually a strong reason on why after 2 years of kinda trying different platforms, I’ve landed on wordpress.

        TTYL k?

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      • PMu says:

        Cool, I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I don’t mind you using one of my posts as a template. Please link back to the original post though if you use any of my work.

        To be honest I find the app a bit buggy so I tend to stick with the site from a desktop.


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