14 thoughts on “Structures

  1. Von Smith says:

    You used most of the artist’s tricks on perspective, leaving everything undefined. I like it.

    Perspective and paralax are the puzzles. the house is either very small or far away. the fairy is either gigantic or very close. Add intent and you have a story. e.g. The fairy noticed the lights on in her cabin. What would anyone want from her?


      • Von Smith says:

        One look told Airex that something was amiss. From a mountain nearby, she peeked around a boulder and notice the lights were on in her cabin. What could anyone want from her? In the highest part of the Himalayas the air was hardly breathable by humans. Who or what would seek and ascend to her eyrie?

        Airex waited until night came. Then, she flew a wide circle around her home to find the best approach. The deep crevice below the cabin gave the best concealment. She crept and flew up the crevice until she could peek undetected at her home.

        She saw movement across the lighted windows as if someone was preparing dinner. The smoke flowed from the chimney like a grey silken scarf. There was a smell of marigolds and roses, her favorite foods. Who knew her that well?

        She crept slowly closer until she could look in the windows. The figure had wings like hers, but the hood she wore left it at that. She crawled to the front door. There, on the door, was a sign, โ€œHappy Birthday Airex.โ€ She stood up and opened the door, and her mother turned around with a smile. โ€œThis is supposed to be a surprise, but anything with you is a surprise.โ€ They embraced.

        โ€œAre my sisters and cousins coming?โ€ She was eying the large pan of steamed flowers.
        โ€œYes, my dear, in a few minutes, as soon as I send them a message.โ€ She turned and reached in her bag for her wand.

        โ€œI hope you are happy at 180, my baby girl.โ€

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      • My Small Surrenders says:

        Great story!
        However, I don’t see a fairy.
        I see a very tall slender model in an avant garde or couture fashion show.
        An exclusive event in a garden at dusk. There are carved laterns against a lush leafy backdrop to light the runway…

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