Walking in this World – A glib review of something great

A few weeks ago a small group of friends, called together by the remarkable Amy Sutton finished working our way through a 12 week version of Walking in this World by Julia Cameron.  Cameron also wrote The Artist Way and like her previous book, Walking is aimed at deeping creative practices for artists.

Key to this practice is small regular activity designed to focus and explore your inner creative landscape.  Daily journaling (for Cameron this is referred to as morning pages) and short reflective exercises made up the majority of what we did.  Along with reading sections of the book each week.

From week 8 I wanted to share what was one of my favourite of these exercise.  To create a demon of inner creative wounds, to exorcise it, and then to create a more positive touchstone in the form of a creative totem which you can place in your workspace.  For me this came in the form of a little oragami demon with a big fan to fan the flame of my feelings of inadequacy which always make me feel like I will never be good enough.  Having given my inner demon form, I decided to burn him under the New Moon in order to exorcise him, although this got a little tricky when it started to rain quite heavily.

Once exorcised, I needed to create a totem to keep it at bay, and so I made a glitter, demon slaying dagger.

Overall I have found working through Walking in this World interesting.  At time it can get very spiritual.  Cameron clearly approaches her work from a place of reverence, compassion and godliness.  While I can’t say I can share her process in the last respect, I did appreciate the compassion with which she encourages creativity.  This compassion I feel, is the perfect anathema to any unhealthy judgemental inner monolgue I had been harbouring previously.  Well that and my new, shiny, demon slaying glitter dagger.

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Brutus the Young Bull

My lovely firend J, has a sweetie called Brutus in our DnD game, if you ask real nice, he will carry you through dungeons on his shoulders, like you weigh nothing.  I post a drawing everyday so make sure you follow so you don’t miss out on tomorrow’s doodle!

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