Blog Exchange

The Empire of Arogencia – A brilliant story written by a good friend.  she’s jus started to translate years worth of work onto WordPress from various documents.

The Drawing of the Words – Kathy704 freely admits “I can’t draw, but I do.” What she *can* do is read. Her blog combines my love of reading with her commitment to sketching.

Flanging – By Mike Sherer – This blog is about the metal fabrication plant where Mike has worked for 43 years, the work he does there, the people he has worked with, and things that have happened. It is a blue collar perspective of life in America during the past five decades.

ERRE Art – Art, illustrations and writings by Roberto Sannibale.

Procrastinator’s Day Off – Great blog by UK based cartoonist JIF.

Good Night Nina and  Nina Yin Art Collection

Mx Dozana Art – A blog mainly about Graphic Design and Digital Art.  Digital paintings by Mx Devon Rockafellor.

The Art Voyager – A virtual journey in the world of art and culture, travel and leisure. Buckle up and stay tuned!

Parred Design – A multi-disciplinary design student on a Masters program, passionate about tattoos, culture and making things.

Robert Charboneau – poetry, drawing and sketches by Nevada based artist Robert Charboneau, author of ‘The Good News Comes to Athens’.

The Strong Collection – A blog which aims to inspire an enduring love of art in children by filling their homes with creativity. It is our own virtual gallery, showcasing the contempory artists we have come to love, as well as our collection of arty ideas, experiences, and inspiration for making art a part of life as a family.

CraftyArtistKC – A blog that will hopefully expand your creative horizon as well as inspire you to create something new every day. From art supply reviews to step by step tutorials, you are sure to find something for all ages.

Wobbly Lines – Wishart has just retired and decided to spend their free time learning to draw. This blog will chart progress and will also show links to tutorials. The Gallery section displays art, animation and photography.

About the blog exchange

If you would like to share then get in touch.  Send a link to your blog, it’s title and a brief description of what people can find there and I’ll put it up.

Once your blog has been added I will send you a link.