Little Purple Dragon

Scan 15

Today is a lucky day, because this marks the 1,337 post for Daily Doodle. So here’s a lucky dragon for all those people out there forming positive habits.  1337

I made a book!

Oh My gosh I made a thing!  To be more specific I made an art book. 

If you have been with me for the 4 years I have been working on this blog, you will know that one of the subjects my doodles keep coming back to are mountains.  Mountain Faces is dedicated to my love of mountains. For the last 4 years I have posted a drawing a day, everyday on my online blog. ‘Sitting like a mountain’ has become key to this practice. Mountain Faces is a short expression of this. It’s small, it’s short and it’s sweet. Proving that art doesn’t have to be worthy to be worth sharing.